Go to Kaz de Sainte-Anne

à 5 minutes from Sainte-Anne and the beaches

Set back from the deep sea road and just 5 minutes from Sainte-Anne and its beaches, you'll find our ecolodges in the peace and quiet of the Saint-Anne countryside.

From Pôle Caraïbes airport, you'll be immersed in the natural beauty of Grande Terre as you pass through the deep sea, a succession of hills and seabeds, before reaching Les Kaz de Sainte Anne.

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Les Kaz de Sainte-Anne

94 impasse Julie, Plaisance

97180 Sainte-Anne


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Frequently asked questions

Getting around Guadeloupe

There are several options for getting around Guadeloupe:

  • renting a car to stay independent and not be limited in your activities.

your journeys,

  • the occasional taxi, because it's still expensive,
  • the bus, more economical but not always very reliable in terms of timetables,
  • hitchhiking, which is very popular in Guadeloupe and free of charge,
  • and the boat to the other islands in the archipelago.

The choice is yours, depending on your budget and your needs!

Can you believe all this talk about global warming?

Of course we believe in it, and we are aware that taking the plane is inconsistent with our charter, but the need for a change of scenery is often stronger. Now that you've chosen your destination, you may as well limit the impact of your stay.